By: So Good Botanicals | February 04, 2018

Shea Butter: Cleopatra used it and so will we

You can Shea me NOW

Most of the Shea comes to us from Africa, it really does look like butter just a bit grainier. Usually ivory to a yellow color with no smell to a fairly strong toasted scent depending on how it was processed: filtered and refined. It’s fairly easy to get shea butter in almost all its forms – wild crafted to refined, the smell of the unrefined shea can be overpowering for some of us. This can be quite a turn off but don’t give up on shea yet – regular shea is pretty darn amazing on skin. It is used successfully in products like: anti acne as well as eczema prevention. Great for babies, unless we have a nut allergy or maybe allergy to latex we can all use some shea in our lives.

It’s pretty great: Totally non comedogen...

By: So Good Botanicals | November 30, 2017


Coconut oil in the kitchen and coconut oil in skin care – amazing! It has been used in skincare products in its raw form in many traditional skincare routines, it’s used on hair, body – pretty much everywhere.

With different types of coconut oil available, we love using Virgin but it’s great in pretty much all its forms. If we need it to be liquid at cooler temperatures fractionated coconut oil works pretty well and we can still smell the coconut.

Coconut oil’s fatty acid profile is pretty amazing: we love it for its therapeutic qualities and its delicious smell. It is a fairly light feeling oil, more slick than tackiness, delicious smell. Where it really packs a punch is with its Lauric acid content. It has...