By: So Good Botanicals | February 04, 2018

Shea Butter: Cleopatra used it and so will we

You can Shea me NOW

Most of the Shea comes to us from Africa, it really does look like butter just a bit grainier. Usually ivory to a yellow color with no smell to a fairly strong toasted scent depending on how it was processed: filtered and refined. It’s fairly easy to get shea butter in almost all its forms – wild crafted to refined, the smell of the unrefined shea can be overpowering for some of us. This can be quite a turn off but don’t give up on shea yet – regular shea is pretty darn amazing on skin. It is used successfully in products like: anti acne as well as eczema prevention. Great for babies, unless we have a nut allergy or maybe allergy to latex we can all use some shea in our lives.

It’s pretty great: Totally non comedogen...