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So Good began in Hong Kong out of a lifelong struggle with problem skin and search for solutions. Living in a generally hot and humid climate, it is a fairly challenging environment for maintaining good skin. The humidity outside, and dry air conditioning indoors, high

pollution levels and environmental stressors all take a toll on us creating a breeding ground for germs.

With skin just bad enough to be annoying, it kept us trying new products, we tried pretty much anything that was recommended or advertised. 

Finally with a too large and growing collection of cosmetics & skincare products which didn’t work and a general belief in the strength of natural ingredients we turned whole heartedly to plant based alternatives.  

So Good Botanicals came about in the spare bedroom of a Hong Kong apartment. 

All our formulas are created by us and tested on us, friends, family. We never test on animals.


Like almost everyone we had bought into the oil free/ fat free culture and it wasn’t working for us – neither in diet nor in skincare. We only ended up with dry, greasy, ashy, high maintenance skin. 

To fix this we took a different approach - skincare that’s high in healthy fats. Instead of starving our skin into submission our approach is TLC. 

We believe problem skin needs more care & more nourishment. The products we had been using stripped our skin of all healthy fats and natural protection. What we bring are products which are very high in natural antibiotics, antifungals, anti oxidants and natural vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. This combination has brought us very successful results in tackling skin issues. It has brought us healthy, stronger skin with the ability to fight off every day stress.




Truly Natural Plant Based Ingredients and Organic Botanicals

Absolutely No Animal Testing, Cruelty free products

Thoughtful packaging

Transparency – you will always know what you are using with our products

Always striving towards improvement




We believe in beauty from the earth. The ability of pure plant based ingredients in giving us truly natural, beautiful and fresh looking skin.




Less processed plant based ingredients have an abundance of natural Vitamins, fats and other goodness for our skin. It’s worth the extra effort that goes into using them and the result is amazing luminous skin.


We wanted skincare that performs, nourishes our skin, making it stronger from the inside out.

Our ingredients are of the purest nature, carefully chosen for their therapeutic abilities, food grade plant oils and botanicals. We use no fillers, all our ingredients are ‘active’ and selected thoughtfully. We wanted the best going into our products and going on our bodies.



What’s not in our products:


Petroleum/ Petrochemicals

Sodium Laureth Sulphates/ SLS/SLES



Artificial Fragrances


Ethanolamines (DEA, TEA, MEA)

Polyethylene Glycols (PEG Compounds)

Propylene Glycols



Synthetic Colors


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