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Hurt So Good – Anti Chafe Sports Cream by So Good Botanicals
Hurt So Good – Truly Natural Anti Chafe Sports Cream by So Good BotanicalsHurt So Good – Truly Natural Anti Chafe Sports Cream by So Good Botanicals
Hurt So Good – Water Resistant Anti Chafe Sports Cream by So Good Botanicals
Hurt So Good – Anti Chafe Sports Cream for Triathletes – Swim Bike Run by So Good Botanicals
Hurt So Good – Anti Chafe Sports Cream for Cyclists by So Good Botanicals

Hurt (So Good) was designed to protect skin from constant friction with clothes and/ or gear. Getting raw or tender skin from rubbing is a constant struggle especially for triathletes and cyclists. It doesn’t rub or wash off even after swimming and will stick with you through the whole course. Hurt is designed to form a protective barrier on skin, this soft balm doesn’t burn or hurt raw skin, it helps against constant rubbing, its unique botanical formulation also helps speed up recovery and get relief from chafes and bruises. It is designed to do all this without clogging pores and congesting skin and we can be confident our skin will not break out.


Designed without synthetics, preservatives, petrochemicals the all natural, earth friendly, cruelty-free soft balm has a neutral scent and is full of skin superfoods, natural antifungals, natural anti microbials like elderberry extract, organic virgin coconut and soothing shea butter. 

HKD 260 * 50 ml Glass jar + 10 ml Tin 


Skin Type: All

Usage: am/pm

Type: Waterless Cream/ Soft Balm

Plant Based

Gluten Free

Purpose: Anti – Chafing & Recovery balm, great for protecting skin against friction -  Triathletes, Cyclists


Directions: Take a small amount of cream and massage into chafing prone areas – it can be used all over the body. It will melt into skin with the body heat. We only need a very very tiny amount.

It may feel counterintuitive to use oil/ butter based products on oily skin but natural emollients are a must use as a preventative measure against recurring issues. When we feed our skin the good stuff, it responds with a healthy glow.


Skin Foods: Phytonutrients

Sambucus Nigra Extract: Elderberries are a superfruit rich in phytonutrients which exhibit both anti oxidative and anti inflammatory properties. These include caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, quercetin. Elderberries also contact bioflavonoids which help prevent signs of aging.


Himalayan Cedarwood Oil: With a natural woody, green aroma, Himalayan cedarwood oil is great for both health and wellness. It has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antifungal, tonic, astringent, diuretic, sedative and insecticidal properties. With its natural antiseptic properties it is great for skin issues, hair loss, infections.


Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Wonderful moisturizing and rejuvenating properties, high in essential fatty acids like omega-3. It is a luxurious blend of anti-oxidants, Vitamin E with the ability to capture the moisture on skin and hair preventing transepidermal water loss.


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut oil is a great source of fatty acids which hydrate and nourish skin. It is a great source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids which function as a natural antibiotic, antifungal. It’s very high in Caprylic, Lauric, Capric Acids, good source of Vitamins A, C and E. It’s a gentle way of promoting clear, youthful skin



SG Philosophy:

We truly believe in Plant Powered Skincare + Luxurious Eco Beauty. We believe in the ability of plant based ingredients in giving us truly natural, beautiful and fresh looking skin. The natural glow we are looking for is brought about by making our skin beautiful from the inside out. Our ingredients are all chosen with care providing us with nourishment in the form of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, we use no fillers, everything that goes into our products is selected for its therapeutic abilities. So Good is artisanal skincare where we select only the freshest, purest ingredients, our products are formulated with love and care in small batches to ensure maximum goodness.

All our ingredients and products are truly natural, safe, cruelty free, and no animal testing is conducted.



Complete Ingredients list: Shea (Butyrospermum parkii) Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Sweet Almond (Prunus Dulcis) Oil, Beeswax (Cera Alba), Rice Bran (Oryza Sativa) oil, Non Nano Zinc (Xinc Oxide), Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) Seed Oil, Phytocide Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract), Lavender South African (Lavandula Angustifolia) Essential Oil, Non GMO Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Himalayan Cedarwood (Cedrus Deodora) Essential Oil

Always perform a patch test before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and consult your physician. Use the spatula/ spoon provided to keep our products fresh. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. For external use only.

Due to 100% natural ingredients there may be variations between batches, it contains 100% plant powered oils, butters and botanicals.


The cream may go grainy due to a high natural butter content, this does not affect its potency. It’s purely natural, it will melt in high temperatures and harden at cooler temperatures. 


·  Petroleum/ Petrochemicals

·  Parabens

·  Sodium Laureth Sulphates/ SLS/SLES

·  Phthalates

·  Formaldehyde / Aldehyde Releasers

·  Ethanolamines (DEA, TEA, MEA)

·  Gluten

·  Dairy

·  Palm Oil

·  Synthetic Colours

·  Synthetic Fragrances

·  Alcohol

·  Preservatives

·  Emulsifiers

·  GMOs

·  Pollutants

·  Mineral Oils

·  Polyethylene Glycols (PEG Compounds)

·  Propylene Glycols

·  Fillers

·  Heavy Metals

·  Silicones

·  Oxybenzones

·  Synthetic Colors

·  Isothiazolinones

So Good Botanicals - Reviews of our Truly Natural Products

A great anti chafing product. I use it mostly where my sports bra rubs on my skin a lot. It seems to do the trick, also takes away the burn feeling from the chafing (40/ Oily Skin)


Smells pretty nice, the balm is soft, easy to use. It also helps reduce odor which is a huge plus (30/ Normal skin)


I love using this, with sensitive combination skin it is not easy for me to find a product which wouldn’t break me out. Great at preventing chafing, protecting, it also helps treat redness from all the rubbing and friction(40/ combination skin)


The product was fine, the biggest thing, it didn’t burn. I felt it stayed on even through a 30 minute ocean swim (50/ Normal skin)

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