At So Good Botanicals our Philosophy is Plant Power
Cocola by So Good Botanicals: Face + Body Polish Great for all skin types, helps unclog pores


"..I love this oil...smells like I'm applying a forest to my face..." (Product: Timeless Serum) Dec 2018

" love with the rich, luxurious texture...incredible job of keeping my skin healthy, quenched and radiant..."(Product: Timeless Serum) Dec 2018

I received it as a gift for christmas, it's pretty, feels pretty nice and hasn't discolored with my face masks, I do use it with other masks too :) Very happy with it 


(female/ 25/ combination skin) Jan 2018

"...Excellent products with immediate results, Lovely scents...Amazing customer service! Very satisfied... Pretty gems!..." (Product: Glow Skin Set + Glo) June 2019

I have recently started using Godmother, less than 2 weeks. I have terrible skin and when it gets really bad I need to resort to medication. With this cream the results have been pretty amazing, new breakouts clear up quicker, old ones heal and even the blemishes and scars are fading. It’s sticky but... An amazing cream with unbelievable results, I have recommended it to my friends and family. I’m using Godmother together with Formula 5. SO HAPPY!  


(female/ 40/ Oily Skin)  Sep 2017

"Timeless Serum and Formula 5: my two essential Skin Companions I have combination skin... the serum... perfect to use even before makeup..." (Product: Timeless Serum, Formula 5) Aug 2019

Best body polish I’ve used in a while. It’s made my skin very smooth and silky, I scrubbed with Cocola before patting myself dry and my skin was so moisturized I could skip the moisturizer. I Kept touching my skin after – it was so smooth :p and my skin is pretty good 


(female/ 32/ Normal - Combination Skin) July 2017


Beauty with a purpose, we believe in beautiful handcrafted artisanal skincare, made with love. We trust in plant power.

Trace minerals and elements in our products come from minimally processed plant based oils and botanicals. Skincare that nourishes our skin with the healthy fats and natural elements to give us a clear flawless glow.

Good for us & Good for Our environment - We are 100% cruelty free

At So Good we believe in healthy fats for healthy skin and lots of TLC
So Good Botanicals Because it is Dermatologically tested and really Works

We encourage the use of our products not only because they are truly natural and cruelty free, not only because they are 100% plant – based/ vegan, non - GMO but because they really work.

Our products are handcrafted, using the best - All natural ingredients and designed to target everyday skin problems.

They are packaged in glass jars which do not leach into products or react with them and glass is 100% recyclable.

If you've struggled with skin issues you will surely see the difference.

At So Good Botanicals we only use 100% Biodegradable Ingredients which do not accumulate in our environment

Plant based ingredients we use do not hurt our environment.

We Reycle + Reuse + Have Thoughtful Packaging

Good for Us & Good for Our Environment

Crystal Skin Set by So Good Botanicals: Anti Acne Treatment - Great for problem skin, Fight Acne without drying skin out
Natural Skincare Where Earth And Beauty Come Together for Beautiful Radiant Skin
Plant Powered Skincare by So Good Botanicals -  Shop our Products
At So Good Botanicals we do not conduct any Animal testing, we are a Cruelty Free company
Liquid Gold Repair Serum : Product Description
Product Details Godmother : Cream for pimples, Acne treatment, bacne, keratosis pilaris and general skin issues
Product Details Timeless : Serum for Skin Regeneration, removing fine lines and wrinkles, glow skin
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