Polish and Mask Kit by So Good Botanicals – Truly natural Non GMO and Thoughtfully Packaged
Body Polish And Mask Kit By So Good Botanicals - Beautiful Spa Kit For Silk Satin Skin
Body Polish And Mask Kit By So Good Botanicals - Truly Natural All Beautiful Spa Kit

It’s gorgeous with simple, modern and timeless lines. It adds pleasure to our skin care routine and is wonderful to use with Cocola, plus it won’t shatter in the bathtub.


Size: 127 mm square

The set includes:

Face mask bowl

Mask Brush


HKD 230


Each bowl is beautifully crafted and will vary in design.

Great as a gift to anyone including myself.

It’s generously sized for both face and body polish


We truly believe in Plant Powered Skincare + Luxurious Eco Beauty. In the ability of plant based ingredients in giving us truly natural, beautiful and fresh looking skin. The natural glow we are looking for is brought about by making our skin beautiful from the inside out. Our ingredients are all chosen with care providing us with nourishment in the form of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, we use no fillers, everything that goes into our products is selected for its therapeutic abilities. So Good is artisanal skincare where we select only the freshest, purest ingredients, our products are formulated with love and care in small batches to ensure maximum goodness.

All our ingredients and products are safe, cruelty free, and no animal testing is conducted. 

Body Polish And Mask Kit By So Good Botanicals - Reviews of our Beautiful Spa Kit


I received it as a gift for christmas, it's pretty, feels pretty nice and hasn't discolored with my face masks, I do use it with other masks too :) Very happy with it (female/ 25/ combination skin

Body Polish And Mask Kit By So Good Botanicals - Shop Now For Naturally Satin Smooth Glowing Skin