FACIAL OILS : Is it for everyone?

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So Good Botanicals – Facial Oil and Serum – Why we love them
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So Good Botanicals - Why Facial Oils for all skin types?

Is our skin type fixed? Set in stone? Does oily skin mean it never gets dry or dehydrated or dry skin never breaks out? Combination skin…. Suffering all the time…

Not really –For the lucky lot with great skin… they just will not be able to understand this at all – they can use pretty much anything…

But for the rest there is a silver lining. It’s a bit like an early wakeup call where we get into better habits by necessity and so end up better off by the end of it all. Like what would have happened if I had given up bad habits and started eating better and exercising sooner like ten years sooner :)

So Good Botanicals – Why am I thinking about this now?

I read forums, journals …. All sorts of stuff. A big reason for this was that I had a lot of skin problems which couldn’t be fixed by regular skincare and I couldn’t stay non-stop on prescriptions so I really needed an alternative. 

I’ve learned some pretty amazing things, ways of having general skin issues under control by making changes in my routine/ products. Seriously amazing stuff is easy to find online, once you know what you are looking for – having said that – research a bit before doing what’s being said – by research I mean NOT something repeated by another blog or magazine but something more …. Especially for serious stuff. Research papers are great for that.


I was reading up on plant oils/ serums for hair and someone had asked what they ought to do because she had used an oil mask right after a shampoo and her hair wouldn’t get dry, not gonna happen

I have used oil masks with similar results. The oil trapped the water! 

So Good Botanicals - What does this have to do with facial serums

Facial Serums specifically facial oils, or body oils…. Why we love them (even though I got oily/ combination skin). 

Basically it does exactly what happened to wet hair, it locks in moisture and there is no better way of seeing it in action.

How that happened… this directly relates to how we ought to use facial oils.

As hair is harder to dry compared to skin it amplified the effects of the oil. The oil trapped the moisture (water) in hair and this is what we have been looking for with skincare, lock in moisture - keep skin hydrated, supple and luminous!!

So Good Botanicals - How to use Facial Oils or Oil based serums for face and body

We’ve read this on – how to use for all kinds of oils and serums and even regular moisturizers in skincare. Apply on damp skin! It can’t be emphasized enough. To get the most out of our facial serums/ oils use it on damp skin, freshly dried skin – no exceptions…

Cleanse -> Towel Dry -> Apply moisturizer/ Face Mist -> Apply Facial Serum (on damp skin)

If skin is not looking dewey or damp or moisturized there is no moisture to lock in, it evaporated already. Use a mist again or moisturize again, get skin slightly damp and then use the face oil/ serum.


This makes a huge HUGE difference in – TEWL (trans epidermal water loss). We keep reading about this and now we can see a real difference and what to expect. I cannot emphasize this enough… for easier DIYs test all the oils you can get your hands on till you find the one you love. 

So Good Botanicals - What does it all mean?

So we already accept that all skin types including oily/ combination can get dry. And all skin types need food and need healthy fats. Just like we can’t survive on water even when we are trying to lose weight.

So our skin needs Hydration (water) + healthy fats at a minimum to keep it looking good. This is where plant oils have a big advantage over synthetics because they come with trace elements, vitamins, essential fatty acids – rainbow of skin foods especially when we compare it with mineral oils.

If you are prone to fungal infections research a bit and look for plant oils with lauric acid or natural antifungals and it really helps including those in daily skincare.

Facial serums last a while, only really need a few drops so a 30 ml can easily last 9 months or more. I like to store them in the fridge sometimes to keep them fresh longer.

So Good Botanicals - Why would I buy a facial serum instead of just using olive oil?

We do get asked this. Many many people can get away with using organic extra virgin olive oil, it’s an amazing plant oil and similarly quite a few of us don’t break out with mineral oils/ petroleum based products either.

Serums though have been formulated, tested, reformulated, retested as many times as needed to get a specific kind of balance with a particular effect in mind. There were people who only worked on this serum till it got to where it is now and testers who went through the entire phase, THANK YOU ALL!!! This is how Timeless, our facial serum happened. 

So Good Botanicals - What were we trying to do with our Timeless Serum?

We love glowing dewey skin, our favorite skin type, healthy skin. The radiant look – who doesn’t love this really??? Timeless has a specific skin feel, it’s very own scent from the blend of plant oils and essential oils. 

We wanted something to specifically form a protective barrier on skin and give it a superfood boost without clogging pores while locking in the moisture. It’s silky, luxurious, it lingers, it gets its golden colour from sea buckthorn seed, the unique scent comes from the combination of oils.

It gets us through humidity, through air conditioning dryness through it all still glowing…. :)


If you have already got our Timeless Serum use it!! Don’t let it sit on the shelf, don’t feel lazy about it, don’t forget about it, it can be used in sooo many many ways and it is sooooooooooo gorgeous.


We love it and shamelessly want you to love it too.


PS… Beauty lies within…We only help enhance it XO



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