SKINCARE JOURNEY – II : (My skin type, My life with Oily & Combination Skin)

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So Good Botanicals - Skincare Journey, Skin Type: Oily Combination

More about me:

SKIN TYPE: Oily/ Combination



ACNE – usually food/ stress related. Late nights make it worse

INFECTIONS – fungal/ bacterial (Candida)

ASHY/ GREY LOOKING SKIN – patchy/ uneven sometimes tired skin tone

SOME MILIA – not too bad (tiny white bumps near eyes)

BUMPS ON THIGHS – folliculitis (from living in yoga pants and tights)



Using makeup all over my face – maybe it’ll clog my pores and result in a massive breakout???



Eating Spicy food

Having fun with the fam

Sleeping in

Looking at my zits secretly

Running HK trail Section 1 – not so often these days

So Good Botanicals: Living with Oily Combination skin - the Skincare Journey

I have mostly oily/ combination skin, oily hair and I’ve struggled with all the problems anyone with this skin type might have and more.

Growing up I had bad acne like most teenagers. I also am very prone to infections, if I get a small cut it will probably get infected. I used a lot of oil free stuff, medicated washes, douches trying to get squeaky clean.  I yo yo’d between antibiotics and antifungals both topical and oral. After using it all I still had weird dry, grey, oily skin days.


It was a bit depressing, being told I had dry skin by the ladies selling cosmetics and talked to about the t-zone problems by ladies selling the other stuff. Basically I had dry skin with pimples… so uncomfortable. I liked running so I still had to deal with the other skin and nails stuff.


And so my collection of skincare products kept growing and growing and it can get a bit out of control. I’ve bought pore minimizers which ended up being more of pore maximizers, blackhead removers working like blackhead highlighters.


I had my bedside table full of all the skincare products I would buy, each supposed to do something amazing. Between that and trips to the doctors  - I had kind of had enough...

Don't go away, next week we continue onto what changed XO

PS. Beauty lies within XO



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