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Skincare Journey Part 3 by Sooz of So Good Botanicals - I Changed
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Skincare Journey 3 by So Good Botanicals - I changed

What we know:



ACNE – usually food/ stress/ late nights make it worse

INFECTIONS – fungal/ bacterial (Candida infections)

ASHY/ GREY LOOKING SKIN – patchy/ uneven skin tone

SOME MILIA – not too bad (tiny white bumps near eyes)

BUMPS ON THIGHS – folliculitis (from living in yoga pants and tights)

So Good Botanicals - Skincare Journey, What I changed in my routine

I did something dramatic, I wouldn’t part with my skincare collection for a while since they were supposed to be amazing and I paid good money for them, but I did. Not in one swipe (attachment…) but slowly cleaned it out, anything more than a year old which I wasn’t using was gone, to never be bought again, same for anything that didn’t show any results. Bye bye junk and no more wasting money.

It should be easy since we are very limited by space in Hong Kong but somehow I manage collecting stuff.


I was finally left with very few products like an everyday/ normal lotion, I had been using for many  many years, I started adding Olive oil or coconut oil from my kitchen cupboards to my routine, used more of the diy scrubs, we traditionally use a lot of botanicals/ grains like buckwheat in skincare.

So Good Botanicals - Skincare Journey 3, things started changing

And slowly things started changing – I didn’t notice it for the first few months but it was happening. I started experimenting with more plant oils and botanicals which would address my skin type and I was impressed, seriously impressed. I’m relatively familiar and comfortable with real - natural ingredients in skincare but I now had gained more confidence in the ingredients. I had already been off of fluconazoles for more than a year – it had been a part of my diet and skincare routine my entire life.


By the end of this I was off all my fluconazoles, ‘traditional’ anti acne skincare, hong kong foot problems… It does give me a sense of freedom.


I have to work at it, my skincare routine still has a minimum of 3 – 5 steps, it is still a process but it has given me more control over how to manage my skin type, my skin looks good. And because I do care and now I can have better no makeup days – it’s all worth it for me because it’s working…


Don’t go away, we will continue next to : Types of products I stopped using 


PS... Beauty lies within - we only help enhance it XO



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