Shea Butter

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Shea Butter: Cleopatra used it and so will we

You can Shea me NOW

Most of the Shea comes to us from Africa, it really does look like butter just a bit grainier. Usually ivory to a yellow color with no smell to a fairly strong toasted scent depending on how it was processed: filtered and refined. It’s fairly easy to get shea butter in almost all its forms – wild crafted to refined, the smell of the unrefined shea can be overpowering for some of us. This can be quite a turn off but don’t give up on shea yet – regular shea is pretty darn amazing on skin. It is used successfully in products like: anti acne as well as eczema prevention. Great for babies, unless we have a nut allergy or maybe allergy to latex we can all use some shea in our lives.

It’s pretty great: Totally non comedogenic : does not clog or blog pores - trueee.., a very strong moisturizer, high in natural vitamin a, vitamin e, healthy fats.

It’s known to be used for a variety of purposes, skin conditions like eczema, moisturizing acne prone skin, inflammation, boosts collagen products, cellular regeneration, very nice to use on dry cracked skin, soothing for skin exposed to sun or wind. You will find it in products for reducing/ preventing stretch marks, blemishes, anti aging.

At So Good Botanicals we love natural ingredients because of the rainbow of vitamins, fats, trace elements they bring to our skin.

From Nature to US XOXO

Did you know:

·Shea comes from Africa, it’s usually listed as ‘Butyrospermum parkii’ on labels.

·  Products which have a lot of Shea Butter can go grainy overtime (rainbow of all the different fats melting and cooling at different temperatures)

·  This graininess doesn’t affect the product, only the texture


Easy DIY:

Melt 1:2 Coconut oil to Shea butter together, store in a jar. Use this on cleansed skin, leave on for 10 – 15 minutes and wipe off with a damp warm towel, moisturize as usual.

It’s pretty nice to do this 1 – 2 times a week and a great pick me on Fridays after work/ before heading out again. No more cakey & powdery, patchy makeup :)


Products we make which have Shea Butter:

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