Why do we love Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil in the kitchen and coconut oil in skin care – amazing! It has been used in skincare products in its raw form in many traditional skincare routines, it’s used on hair, body – pretty much everywhere.

With different types of coconut oil available, we love using Virgin but it’s great in pretty much all its forms. If we need it to be liquid at cooler temperatures fractionated coconut oil works pretty well and we can still smell the coconut.

Coconut oil’s fatty acid profile is pretty amazing: we love it for its therapeutic qualities and its delicious smell. It is a fairly light feeling oil, more slick than tackiness, delicious smell. Where it really packs a punch is with its Lauric acid content. It has around 50% Lauric acid (a fatty acid, basically a type of fat, not acid how we know it in everyday language) which is a very strong antibacterial & antifungal. With a lot of skin issues revolving around some kind of inflammation from trapped sebum/ growth of germs, coconut oil can be pretty amazing just on it’s on.

Although coconut oil can be pretty controversial with people swearing by it and others totally against, we love it.

How we like to use it:

On its own it makes a great makeup remover – it’ll remove the most stubborn waterproof eye liner.

Great used on tips of long hair as a leave in conditioner detangler

Oil treatment for hair – leave overnight, somehow our experience with wavy hair has been very nice with help retaining curls without the frizziness.

It has a drying effect on some skin types but blended at right proportions with other botanicals/ oils it’s pretty nice.

Strong antibacterial/ antifungal properties make it really good in places which get hot, sweaty and smelly – keeping us germ free. Runners/ atheletes… Great for feet and toes

Very nice in Body scrubs for skin which gets bumpy from wearing leggings/ tights.

Have you tried oil pulling? We haven’t been able to really be able to state how helpful it is but try not to eat it while oil pulling.

When using pure/ natural products always start with using the very tiniest amount, you will be surprised by how little you really need.

We've listed some of our products with coconut oil below but we love using coconut oil and can't say enough about its amazing antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties. Even when using it as Fractionated coconut oil or just ordinary good coconut oil from the super market we cannot stop raving about it's uses.

When used correctly, in the right proportion it can benefit almost all skin types, it's so amazing at speeding up healing. 

PS. Always remember...Beauty lies within XO

Our products with Coconut oil:

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