Everyone wants CRYSTAL CLEAR SKIN, I do…. And Now it's Possible

What’s been going on with the stuff I Used…

I spent a lot on skincare of all sorts –even the most basic stuff starts adding up.

My Skin suffered

Spent a lot of time – looking for stuff that might work

Did my skin enjoy all the harsh stuff I was putting on it? – nope

What happened: Dry, Patchy, Gre...

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SKINCARE JOURNEY - I (I want to buy a NATURAL skincare product!!!)

‘Natural’ skincare Product – (What does it really mean!)

What is the meaning of ‘natural’ in skincare products?

The word ‘Natural’ evokes a certain emotion is us, when I see ‘natural’, I picture something ‘green’, something unprocessed, smells of leaves and pine, floral scents, vast open spaces, sound...

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Shea Butter

You can Shea me NOW

Most of the Shea comes to us from Africa, it really does look like butter just a bit grainier. Usually ivory to a yellow color with no smell to a fairly strong toasted scent depending on how it was processed: filtered and refined. It’s fairly easy to get shea butter in almost ...

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Why do we love Coconut Oil


Coconut oil in the kitchen and coconut oil in skin care – amazing! It has been used in skincare products in its raw form in many traditional skincare routines, it’s used on hair, body – pretty much everywhere.

With different types of coconut oil available, we love usi...

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